Protein and its Role in Exercise

protein adn its roll in exceriseProtein obviously has many benefits for the human body and your health. It is one of the main nutrients that every person needs to maintain a healthy physique. It helps to repair any internal or external damage, supports the immune system and contributes to an overall feeling of wellbeing.

When people think about protein they often picture body builders and weight lifters, but protein isn’t just for building muscle mass. On a cellular level, proteins are used for just about everything, from transporting messages, carry out the instructions of DNA and defending, preserving and repairing essential life functions. Pretty amazing, right?

But why is protein so important for exercise? The simple explanation is that when you exercise you are essentially tearing and breaking muscle fibres apart, which then need to be repaired by the body, requiring protein to do so.

Also, protein is especially important to consume after a workout as during the exercise you are effectively breaking your muscles down. Which is why it’s a common sight to see people at the gym eating protein bars or drinking whey shakes when they have finished their routine as it can help maximise the impact of their exercise.

So clearly protein is essential for exercise, but where do people get protein from? It can be gained from eating foods such as beans, soy protein products, nuts, certain meats, fish, eggs and of course there are many products made especially for protein intake, such as bars and shakes.

At GetSharp we actually specialises in these types of products that are actually made from insect protein. This is because the nutritional value of insect protein is extremely high (more so than the average bar you would buy at the gym), plus it’s very environmentally friendly to make these products. You can purchase these here.

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