Insect Protein – it’s the New Black

Protein: the facts.  

Eating plenty of protein will help provide your body with all the nutrients and calories it needs to grow and repair muscle tissue. There are four types of macronutrients that provide calories – protein, carbohydrates, fats and alcohol – but only protein helps rebuild and repair muscle. Carbohydrates are used primarily to fuel activity, so make sure that the level of carbs you take in should be in line with your activity needs. Fats provide a number of other health benefits such as helping regulate hormones, while alcohol has very little physical benefit.

Where can I find protein?

Protein is found primarily in meat and fish, although egg, soy, nuts and legumes are good sources for vegetarians. That’s all great, but these foods also contain varying quantities of carbohydrates and fats, so it’s worth checking that you don’t over-eat fats or carbs. Almonds are a great source of protein, for example, but a handful contains roughly twice as many grams of fat as protein. They’re still a great food source because the fats in them are mostly essential fatty acids, but they should be eaten sparingly. Hence why many people turn to protein powders or products. But even better than that, is insect based protein products. “INSECTS?” I hear you cry. Just keep reading.

What are the benefits of insect based protein products?

There are many benefits to using insects as a base for protein powder. For one, the main existing sources are soybeans and milk whey, and these both can potentially cause health concerns for some people.
While insect protein might not be a perfect alternative for those with shellfish allergies, for others it could present an alternative that’s healthier for their bodies and the planet than some of the existing options. Previously, whey protein was the only protein powder source to supply a complete amino acid profile: all nine of the essential amino acids required for human nutrition. But guess what else is a great source of these amino acids? That’s right, insects!

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