Can Eating Bugs Really Save The Environment?

Let’s be fair, when most of us are hungry and patiently waiting for our next meal the last thing that comes to mind is munching down on a bowl of insects. I could imagine it could be quite hard to convince most people to swap their juicy hamburger for a … juicy bug burger? But I’m going to try anyway, because it’s something you should seriously consider if you are passionate about saving the planet (plus it’s actually really healthy, I’ll get to that in a bit..)

Lot of them clever scientisty people have been working hard to do some research into this matter and these are the basic facts: they measured the greenhouse gas production, energy use, and land use involved in raising mealworms and getting one kilogram of edible protein from them. Then, they measured the same stats for producing one kilogram of protein from livestock. It actually takes a massive 90 percent less land to produce mealworms than it does to produce beef!

With our population ever increasing and us running out of land that is something to seriously consider.

Raising insects for meat also requires less water, produces less inedible waste, and produces fewer greenhouse gases than raising livestock. There is no denying this is infinitely better for the environment.

And if you’re now saying, “Shut up you hippy, I don’t care about the environment, bro, I’ve gotta get back to the gym, bro,” then listen up!

Insects have an extremely high nutritional content. Take the caterpillar for instance, these little fellows pack a walloping 28 grams of protein per 100 grams! They’re also loaded with iron, thiamine and niacin. You may know those last two by their more common names — vitamins B1 and B2. Some insect protein bars such as these have a whopping great 40% protein in them, compared to around 18% in traditional protein bars.

Healthy? Yup. Nutritious? You betcha! Tasty? Hmm.

Look, I know if you grabbed a cockroach off the floor and gobbled it down, it’s not going to taste like the nicest thing ever, but here we’re talking about products that are made from insect protein powders, and come in all sorts of flavours… that have some really positive reviews.

I think the problem is getting past the mental block of something that is seen as “gross” in the modern Western world. But consider this – : an estimated 2 billion people across the globe eat insects as a natural part of their diet (mainly in Eastern countries…) That’s right, not as a “novelty” but as part of their normal diet.
For example in Cambodia, deep-fried tarantula spiders are a traditional treat and some native tribes in Australian regard honeypot ants as a sweet, delicious dessert. In Africa, the children get very excited about catching flying termites to roast as treats.

And its not really so far removed from us Brits eating whelks (sea slugs), and the French already eat snails and frogs legs! 20 years ago most people in the western world would have turned their noses up at eating raw fish – and now Sushi bars are everywhere.

Trust me – it’s the next big thing. And if you care about the environment and / or your fitness, then I dare you to try it!!

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