We believe that best things in life are often the simplest. Sticking to this principle we are pursuing the big adventure that is GetSharp. And this is the recipe of our products.

  • Justin LE CREFF
    Justin LE CREFFFounder

    Justin is the one who came up with the idea to introduce insects in sports nutrition. Nothing is too crazy for him as he always wants to push the boundaries. Never dare him to do something, because he’ll try!

  • Julien SANCHEZ
    Julien SANCHEZCo-Founder

    Julien jumped head first in the adventure together with Justin. He lets Justin thinks he is the one who came up with the idea, even though it’s not true. For him, it doesn’t matter what you do, what is important is to have fun doing it. Keep calm, relax, cool stuff happens!

  • Carole Fossey
    Carole FosseyMarketing and Communications Manager

    Carole is Chief Strategist at Strategy Social Media and runs the UK team for GetSharp.  She also runs a recruitment business and is a Director at the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce.  Carole has 2 kids – Phoebe and Guillaume and is married to Pierre.  She says her hobbies are….” bless you…… time for hobbies ??  hahaha!”  Although we know she likes wine – and driving fast cars.  Not at the same time! Carole wanted to be Spiderman when she grew up.  Oh well, Supermum will have to do.

  • Tom Duffy
      Tom DuffySocial Media Manager

      Tom likes all things social media (no kidding!).  He also likes wine oops I mean beer, Pot Noodles, lie ins and technology.  And ‘stuff’.  Tom wanted to be the first boy on Mars, now he just eats Mars GetSharp Bars, and he actually thought he was BatMan.  Ah bless!  Instead of helping good guys defeat bad guys, he now spends his time helping people achieve their social media goals.